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Premium DNS

DNSThe Domain Name System (aka DNS) is used to resolve human-readable hostnames like into machine-readable IP addresses like DNS also provides other information about domain names, such as which mail servers are used. In essence, DNS is the internet equivalent of a phone book.

Rexx offers both premium DNS service and a limited free DNS for all of your domain needs.

Our DNS service comes with a guaranteed 100% Uptime Service Level Agreement. (Details in the Account Manager)
Rexx supports ALL DNS TLD's (.com .net .edu ... ) and ALL International Domain Names (.us .au .de ...)

Dot_Bullet   Load Balancing (Round Robin)
Dot_Bullet   Dynamic IP Support via API *
Dot_Bullet   Templates (Include Files) *
Dot_Bullet   All BIND Record Types supported *
Dot_Bullet   URL Re-direct *
Dot_Bullet   Vanity Name Server support *
Dot_Bullet   IPv4 and IPv6 supported
Dot_Bullet   Reverse DNS zones supported
Dot_Bullet   Wildcard Record Support ( * )
Dot_Bullet   RFC Compliant BIND servers
Dot_Bullet   External Backup Server Support (Slave/Master)

* Some Features require Premium (Paid) Account

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DNS Service Levels


Limit 1 per Company/Person


  70¢ per Month each Domain
Total Cost $42.00 per Year


  60¢ per Month each Domain
Total Cost $72.00 per Year


  40¢ per Month each Domain
Total Cost $120.00 per Year


  30¢ per Month each Domain
Total Cost $180.00 per Year


25¢ per Month each Domain
Total Cost $300.00 per Year

All service plans are billed Annually. There are no setup fees for Rexx service.  Prices listed are in US Dollars (USD) and apply to our standard DNS service offering. Unmetered service is available at a higher cost.   Domains on our standard (metered) Paid DNS service have 250 host records, and include the first 1-Million queries each month. (Per Domain.)   Additional queries are billed at 10¢ per additional 500,000 hits.(or part thereof.)  Free DNS service is limited to 15 host records, and 25,000 queries per month.   This service is sold by the number of "slots" available for use simultaneously.   (Slots may be re-used for different domain names during the service contract term.)

Rexx DNS Server Locations

We understand that It is important that your DNS service stay online. Rexx operates a geographically diverse DNS network to ensure that a network outage in one part of the world does not disrupt our service. This allows us to guarantee 100% uptime for your domain names.

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