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Frequently Asked Questions
RAM - Rexx Account Manager

My Browser says your site is not secure!
The data transfered between your browser and our server actually IS encrypted.
Your browser is actually complaining that our server is ONLY providing an
encryption key and does not contain a certificate issued by a "Certificate
Authority." Simply put, we aren't intrested in paying some company we don't know
(and don't have any reason to trust) to issue us a certificate just so the
company who made your browser can get a sales commission from it.

Most browsers allow you to permanantly install the key/certificate to get
rid of the complaint... but often make it hard to find out how to.

Can I add another user to my account?
Yes. You can add additional Account Manager Logins for your technical staff
which will allow them limited access. In the left sidebar select Account Management
then add a new account manager user.