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Frequently Asked Questions
DNS (Domain Name Service)

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Do you offer domain registrations?
No, we are not a domain registrar. We provide DNS services for domains that you have already registered.

What Name Servers should I put in the Registrar Website?
Rexx Operates several DNS servers, you can put them all in your registrar record:

What happens when my domain goes over it's hit limit?
If you have our normal Paid DNS service our system will add a charge to your billing
for the overage at the end of the month. Currently Paid accounts include the first
1 Million hits, and we charge 10¢ for each additional 500k hits.

For Free DNS accounts, our servers will stop servicing your domain when it
goes over 25,000 hits. (You will get an E-Mail from our system when your domain goes
over 20,000 hits. Service will resume on the 1st of the following month, or if
you add paid DNS service to your account.

Do you offer load balancing?
Yes. Simply add multiple A records for the host with different IP addresses.
(ie: add TWO records with the "www" name with the different IP addresses.)
Our server will automatically serve the addresses in "round-robin" rotation.

Do you offer GeoDNS service?
No, however we do have a Geo-URL Redirect service that is included with our
paid DNS services. You will find the setup for GeoURL on the DNS setup page
of your Account Manager.

Do you support IPv6?
Yes. Our Nameservers will respond to both IPv4 and IPv6 Requests.
We also support IPv6 DNS records (AAAA) and IPv6 Reverse domains (

Do you support SPF or Domain Keys records?
Yes. Domain Keys records should be entered using a TXT record.
SPF (and all other BIND-9 record types) can be entered directly in a
template that can be included in your domain.

My Plain Domain Name wont display a web page, but my www Domain Name Does.
You need to have DNS records for both and that
point to your web server host. You can also use our URL Redrect service to
point the plain domain name (ie to your web server.

How do I setup "Vanity" name servers?
At your registrar, setup name servers under your domain name, and assign our IP addresses to it. We recomend using more than one name server, and you can name them however you wish. (ie "" or "")
The IP addresses for our servers are: (Atlanta, GA US) (Los Angeles, CA US) (Chicago, IL US) (Sydney, Australia) (Frankfurt, Germany)

Do you support NS subdomain delegation?
Yes. Just add a new host record with the NS type.

What IP address should I use for Master/Slave Servers?
All zone transfers will come from (and should go to) our "Lead" DNS server
on IP address