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DNS Templates

DNS Templates are available with our Premium (Paid) DNS Service.

DNS Templates are intended for advanced users.
We recomend Users should be familliar with the BIND 9 Administrator Manual
Incorrect configuration can cause your domain to not load.

DNS Templates on Rexx are ADDED to a domain.
Unlike on other systems where a template will override host entries in the
main domain file, or completedly replace the domain file.

Our DNS Templates will accept ANY BIND-9 Record Type except SOA.
Directives (such as $TTL and $INCLUDE) will not be accepted.

Placing an @ in a host name to specify the domain orgin is only needed if you
want to add something to the top level of the domain.

Comments can be included with the template. Anything after a semi-colon [;]
will be ignored. Blank lines are also ignored.

The limit of 250 host records per domain will include the records in the template.


www IN A
mail MX 10 ;My Google Mail Server A

Using this example template ...
Adding it to the domain would result in being set to IP address; being set to a google mail server, and set to (Notice that the originating domain name is always added to what is in the template.)

ALSO adding the example template to would do everything in AND
Both and would be set the same as their counter-parts
in; and would be be set.

How do I include a Template in a Domain?
There is a drop-down of your available templates in the SETUP section of each domain name.

How Many Templates can I use?
Templates are available to accounts with Premium (Paid) DNS service. Every account has 2 templates available. One additional template is available for every 10 domain names in your plan. (For example if you have purchased our DNS_50 service you would have 7 Templates available.