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Frequently Asked Questions
Rexx E-Mail Service

What Mail Servers do I need to enter in my DNS if I use Rexx Mail Service?
If you also use the Rexx DNS service, you can click "Add or Repair Rexx Mail Server" at the top of the DNS edit page.

How do I create a mailing list?
In the E-MAIL Forwarding, you can create a mailing list by assigning the "forwarding to" to multiple addresses. (Seperated by a comma)

How do I access Web-based E-Mail services
Rexx has a web paged based Mail. You can access it with any web browser at or by clicking the MAIL button in the top-right of any Rexx main website or help web-page.

Can I use a mail program?

We recomend Pegasus mail because it does NOT handle in-line scripting and therefore poses a much smaller security risk when recieving malicious e-mail. You can download the latest version of Pegasus mail

The setting to use with a POP3 E-mail program are:

Your Electronic E-Mail address
POP3 Server
Server TCP/IP Port 493
Username username (Do NOT include