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Frequently Asked Questions
Service Level Agreement

SLA for DNS services
The following SLA applies only to Paid DNS service plans.

100% Uptime
We guarantee 100% uptime of our overall DNS network. Queries for your domain(s) will be answerable by a majority of our servers at all times.

Our global network is sufficiently redundant to answer queries 100% of the time. We use multiple servers, each with multiple connection points to the InterNet.

Response Time 99.999%
We also guarantee DNS response will be answered in under 150ms 99.999% of the time.

Responsiveness is measured as the time between when a DNS request enters our network and the reply leaves our network.

If your covered service fails to meet the stated SLA guarantees, we will issue a credit for the total non-compliant time, not to exceed that service's current monthly cycle's billed rate. Credits less than $1.00 will not be issued. To make a claim, you must submit via email a request, with supporting evidence, within one month of the end of the measured monthly period.

Requires that each of your domains point to at least 3 of our DNS servers.

The guarantees provided in this SLA exclude acts of nature, acts of God, criminal acts, equipment or other circumstances outside ourdirect control, scheduled maintenance with at least 24 hours notice, errors with non-Rexx software installed on the end-user computer, terms of service violations, and any period of time when advance payment has not been received for services.