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Unix Shell

Unix ScreenOur Traditional Unix Shell service provides a command line interface to our powerful timeshare Unix Systems. Access is available via Telnet or Encrypted [SSH] Connection, and File Transfers to and from the Unix system is available through Encrypted FTP.

The Standard Unix Shell service on Rexx includes a personal website (Accessable at, and one E-Mail box. It includes 250 MB of online disk storage. (Additional disk storage and the use of custom registered domain names is available at additional cost.)

Unix service on Rexx supports programming in several popular computer languages. Supported languages include BASIC, C, Cobol, Fortran, Forth, Perl, Python and Ruby. All of these computer languages can be used for web CGI. (PHP 4 and 5 are also supported in the CGI environment.)

$10.00 per month
$100.00 per year

Important information about Rexx Unix service

This type of account requires a working knowledge of at least one Unix Command Shell. We offer several command shells including the Bell Labs Bourne Shell [sh], the GNU Bourne-Again Shell [bash]. the Public Domain KORN shell [pdksh] and the Berkeley BSD Shell [csh] ... among others.

Because of the nature of Unix Shell service, Rexx requires both companies and individuals to undergo a security screening process. The Security screening may include background and credit checks