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Website Hosting

WWW ImageYour website is one of the most valuable ways of communicating with current and potential customers. Always being reachable is important. Our Website Hosting service is built on our Unix service for speed, reliability and raw power.

            Blue Square HTTP 1.1 and 2.0 protocol support for both IPv4 and IPv6
            Blue Square Supports basic authentication via .htaccess
            Blue Square Full CGI Script Support for Unix Shell, Perl, Fortran, and Cobol Languages
            Blue Square PHP-4 and PHP-5 Support
            Blue Square Server Side Script/Include Support (shtml)
            Blue Square Multi-Language content delivery Support
            Blue Square Downloadable Logs and Site Analysis Graphs

Our hosting is intended for experienced website administrators and builders.

Website Hosting Service Levels

Our Starter Service is suitable for Blogs, Personal and small business websites. You can upgrade at any time, once your website is built and your needs grow.

Includes: 200 Mb Disk Storage
                      1 Gb Network Bandwidth/mo

$3.75 per Month
Total Cost $45.00 per Year

Our Basic Package includes additional online disk storage space, and additional bandwidth to power larger websites.

Includes: 500 Mb Disk Storage
                     5 Gb Network Bandwidth/mo

$7.50 per Month
Total Cost $90.00 per Year

Our Commercial Class service  is suitable for large websites that expect heavy traffic.

Includes:     1 Gb Disk Storage
                   25 Gb Network Bandwidth/mo

$22.50 per Month
Total Cost $270.00 per Year

All service plans are billed Annually.
Additional Bandwidth is billed at 0.25¢ per Gb (or Part thereof)
All Levels of Service include unlimited domains